Friday, May 25, 2018

Sujuk Salumi

The tale of the two Salumi's, a Salami and a Dry-Aged Loin that started at Safeway. Yea no was shortly after Thanksgiving and in lo and behold hanging out in their meat case were a half a dozen Beef Loins weighing in at 14-16 lbs (heavy discount too). I must have walked buy this extravaganza of meat at least 3 x before I pulled the trigger. As I pondered the purchase of the Loins I had to figure out what do with them. 

As most of you already know I love Cured Meat and a while back I used the Loin successfully (multiple times) to make my version of Basturma so with that in mind I purchased a 16 pounder. Hmmmm..... what to do? Wait I said two Salumi's, a Dry-Aged Loin and a Salami? I'm getting there just be patient. 

I got home and showed the wife my glorious purchase. As always she just nodded her head. She doesn't actually care about my food and meat obsession so she just nodds and smiles. I get it I feel the same way about her shades of Lipstick too.....just smile and say how nice she looks. Anyhow she was headed out and with that I had another idea. I had her buy me another one. Yup that's right one more. I decided to Dry-Age that one in my Steakager.  

Over the course of several days shopping at various stores I popped back in Safeway and bought my third. I had another idea for Salumi. Where does the the Salami come in here? Well I used all the fat trimmings off the Loins to make a Salami.…… yes there is a difference between a Salami and a Salumi. 

Heres the 16 lb. Loin unleashed from it's cryovac home.

First thing I did was to dry the surface. I hate working with wet meat.

Using a very sharp knife I removed all the fat I could do without damaging the Loin. These types of Salumi benefit from minimum fat. The fat will be used for my Salami's.

Assemble the ingredients!! Place Salt and Cure in separate bowl.  

Take the whole ingredients and process in spice mill.
Note: very important .. reserve about a 1/2 cup of the rub (no salt/cure. Will be used later on.

First coat Loin with Salt/Cure mixture getting it into every nook and cranny. 

Than apply rest of ingredients doing the same. 

Vac Seal and place in refrigerator for 21-25 days to cure. Everyday give it a whack and rotate. 

I waited 22 days... Rinse throughly with water.

Apply reserved rub.

Jan 5, 2018
Place now loin in UMAI bag. Weigh... subtract 30%. Weight 3712 g -30% =2599 g.

March 5, 2018- Just weighed. It lost 33% of it's green weight.

After the Sujuk hit it's hit target weight loss of 33% (was shooting for 30%) it's vac sealed so the moisture can equalize. In other words the moisture will be retributed. Have you ever cut into something like this and wondered why the outside is super hard and the center is a little softer? Other than case hardening it's about moisture redistribution. The closest analogy I could offer is letting a steak rest after it's cooked. This rest period will take at least 8-12 weeks for optimum results. The larger the piece the longer it will take. 

After 11 week I believed it has reached a state of equilibrium.

Dang it looks good…….
You need a professional deli slicer…….

Review at the bottom

Review- Just freaking amazing. Definitely on the spicy side. Reminiscent of the Sujuk Salami which was what I was going for. All vac sealed and ready for presents.