Sunday, May 17, 2015


Oy Vey not another Pastrami post but this one comes with a twist. I am using Flank-Steak. What? Flank-Steak? Isn't Flank-Steak Flat? Well yes it is but we are going to transform it into a cylinder using Transglutaminase. If it was me reading this POST I would ask the question WHY? Well why not. All meat taste better when it's been Pastramified.

Using my Pastrami Recipe (Link) makes this very easy. I have done this many many times before but on larger pieces of meat. This cut will only take about 7-10 days to cure. First things first.....I pierced the meat all over using a Jaccard  which will help with the absorption of the cure.

Combine salt and Cure #1 and rub into every nook and cranny. Simple wasn't it?

Take the rest of the ingredients except ginger, garlic and sugar and heat in skillet to bring out the oils. Grind through an electric spice mill and rub into every nook and cranny. 

All vacuumed sealed and curing......7-10 days or so. 
Note: Meat weighed in at 1832 grams.

Meat all rinsed off and dried after 10 day cure. I also used a meat pounder to flatten them out a bit. I wanted the Flank steaks to be the same thickness.

I will do my best to describe the next step in detail. Lay out parchment paper on a very large surface (I used my pro-cutting board). I placed the Plastic Wrap Box on one end of the counter and pulled the plastic wrap (24 inch wide) out to the other side. I then sprinkled Transglutaminase aka TG on the plastic wrap. The TG is a protein binder and it will help the meat form into one solid muscle. Rolling it up tight will ensure a good bond. I also covered the meat with TG too as you can tell by the picture. Using the plastic wrap as my sheath I rolled the meat up into a tight cylinder rolling if many many times until the seal and cylinder were very tight. I tied off the ends with rope. 

Roll it up tight using a very tight grip. 

Rolled up very tight. If there are any air bubbles just use a toothpick to pop them. Use butchers twine to secure ends. 

Vacuumed sealed to secure shape. It will take 24 hours for the TG to bond this into one solid muscle.

After 24 hours I will remove meat from refrigerator and unwrap. Yea I might have forgotten to tell you in the previous paragraph that refrigeration is important. Now it's time to for the cold smoke. I will spray the cylinder with Pam canola oil which will help the rub adhere. This rub differs from my other one with the addition of Whole Cloves and Allspice. I wanted to make sure that the Pastrami flavors would come through this large hunk of meat. 

This is what the meat looks like after a 36 hour bonding with TG. Beautiful isn't it? Yea that's a rhetorical question because I know it gorgeous. Now on to the Rub.

I sprayed the meat with a little Pam Canola oil to make sure rub would adhere. Roll your meat all over the rub to achieve a good coating. 

All ready for the cold smoke. I am using the A-MAZE-N cold smoker tray to pull this off. 

After 8 hours of cold smoking this thing has the makings of a great Pastrami. 

All Vacuumed sealed and ready for Sous-Vide Machine. To ensure core pasteurization the Pastrami will SV cook for 9 hours at 133 degrees. 
Pastrami was SV for 9 hours and given an Ice bath to cool it off rapidly so I could refrigerate overnight. Ice-bath??? Plunging the vacuumed sealed meat into a container filled with ice and water. I plan on giving it a touch of Hot Smoke to secure the bark and increase the smokiness. This is what it looks like after a 30 hours of refrigeration. 

Ok....I sprinkled on some course black pepper to add more of a peppery profile to the pastrami. It will be HOT-SMOKED at 200 degrees for 80-90 minutes.

80 minutes later this is what it looks like. Bark perfect!!!

Look at these gratuitous pictures. The ends are perfectly shaped. Would you have guess this was flank-steak?


My review!!! Perfect, I will not change a thing. The pastrami flavor was intense and throughout the piece of meat. I think the reason is I was able to cure thinner pieces of meat and the cure really penetrated.