Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fruitilicious Chipotle Jerky

Just another Jerky Recipe I have been working on. Very similar to this one HERE. I have been working on the fruitiness of the Jerky to come through on every bite but have only come a little closer with each batch. You know what I mean. When someone bites into your Jerky you want them to recognize what their eating. I have also experiment with drying times and moisture levels but his has only helped a little. This one is a little drier than the ones I have made in the past. I need to find that balance between both. Well did the fruitiness come through? A little but nothing to write home about (except for this blog of course). Still an excellent Jerky though and worth while to eat and make. 

A partially frozen Top Loin. As you know partially freezing make it easier to slice. Remember to slice across the grain.

All sliced and uniformed. 


Top Loin Meat about 6.33 lbs (aka London Broil)
2 cups of Fruit Preserves 
1 cup of Blueberry juice
1 can of Chipotle in Adobo sauce
3% of Salt
.25% of Cure #1

Note: this marinade could easily make 10-12 lbs of jerky. 

Granulated Garlic and Granulated Chipotle

Will sit in marinade for at least 24 hours. 

Laid across rack and sprinkled with Granulated Garlic and Chipotle. 

Jerky dehydrated for 9 hours at 135 and another 2 more hours at 110. Sous-Vide at 135 degrees for 3 hours to pasteurize.  

To find out about my dehydration process CLICK HERE. Lot of more info at the bottom of the page HERE

Update- Just came across this Red Raspberry Powder which I will use to enhance the berry flavor of the Jerky.