Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mango Curry Jerky

Like I have said in earlier posts I love Jerky. I present you with my simply made Mango Curry Jerky. This Jerky came out quite good but I know I can make it great. The mango powder I purchased in my opinion was not the best. I had to use a lot of sugar in order for it to taste good. I need to find a better source for mango powder. If you find yourself so inclined and you decide to make it yourself beware not all Mango Powders are created equal. You will have to do a taste analysis to see what works for you. I know I will. Click here and here for more details on curing and Jerky info. 
 Start out with Top Round slightly frozen and trimmed of fat. 
Sliced with Berkel Slicer to 3/8 of an inch.
7.25 lbs
I used a 32 oz of Mango & Apricot Juice and 18 oz of Apricot Preserves. If I could have found Mango Preserves I would have use it instead. This amount could easily be used with 10-12 lbs of meat.

I also use 3% of salt and .25% of Cure #1 and finally 2% of Brown Sugar. 

The percentages are are based on the Meats weight. 
I.E the meat weighed 3289 calculate the amount of salt I needed,  I multiplied 3289 X 3% = 98.67 grams 

Toss everything in blender and combine with meat. 

Marinate the meat for at least 24 hours.  I prefer 36-48 hours.

For this recipe I needed 150 grams of the combined ingredients below. If you find that you need less do the math. I.E I needed 150 grams so I Multiplied 150 X 29% Mango Powder = 43.5 grams
29% Mango Powder
57% Sugar
14% Curry Powder.
 Put everything in your Shaker. 
Sprinkle the Mango Curry Powder mixture on both sides of the meat and dehydrate. Note: the links above to help with some of the dehydration techniques and pasteurization.