Friday, April 15, 2016

Peppered Deckle Bacon

Just another Bacon from your Truly. We all know how much I love Bacon. Some of my Bacon Experiments can be found HERE. What makes this Bacon somewhat unique is the use of the Deckle also called the point on the brisket. 
I used my favorite no frills Maple Bacon Recipe. This Deckle bacon was one of my all time favorites!!!

Gratuitous picture s to follow. Picture of the Deckle. 

Combine the Salt and Cure #1 and spread evenly over the entire Deckle. If you want to you can read my notes on Curing HERE.

Combine the rest of the dry ingredients and coat the Deckle. Place Deckle in Vacuum bag and add Maple Syrup. Vacuum seal the bag and placed in refrigerator. The future bacon will be tossed, rotated and massaged every 12 or so for about 15 days.

All cured and rinsed off.

Covered in coarse Black Pepper.

Cold Smoked for 10 hours using the A-Maze-N-Cold Smoker.


Using my Berkel Slicer