Monday, June 13, 2016

Raspberry Chipotle Jerky

This is my all time favorite Jerky flavor profile. I have played around with similar flavors in the past but this is the first time using Raspberry powder and it should make a huge difference. A small note on my posts.... While writing this the Jerky is not done yet. This is all conjecture. 

This recipe is enough for about 8 lbs or so. 

I used 6 lbs of Top Round cut across the grain.

Notes on Curing and the math

Salt 3%
Cure #1 .25%
Granulated Sugar.75% 
.5% Chipotle Powder (if like use a higher %)
Red Raspberry Jam 510 grams 
CranBerry Raspberry Juice 454 grams

Raspberry Powder 

A picture to show you how precise I like to be. Salt to the left and Chipotle to the right.

Using a Berkel Slicer is really convenient. 

I sliced the meat at 3/16 of an inch. Just a personal preference. Don't slice bigger than 1/4 of an inch.

Combine the salt, cure and Chipotle in a shaker. Apply to meat thoroughly. Apply a little and mix up meat. Keep adding until all gone.

Combine Juice and Jam and mix into meat. Let marinate for 48 hours. Overhaul meat at least twice and possibly more before the elapsed time.  

When the 48 hours have come and gone do the following.

Add a couple of tablespoons of the Raspberry Powder to a shaker can.

Lay out the Jerky on racks and sprinkle on the Powder. Do both sides if you want to really enhance that raspberry flavor.

Load them into the Dehydrator. I started out at 140ƒ˚for about 3 hours and will finish them at 125ƒ˚ and 110ƒ˚. If you want to pasteurize the meat (Sous-Vide) I would suggest Sous-Vide using Baldwins Tables. This is what I do (sometimes LOL).

Review- GRAND SLAM!!!