Sunday, June 4, 2017

Brown Sugar Bourbon Bacon

There lived a Prince with an insatiable Bacon craving. His subjects called him The Mad Mad Bacon Prince. His Dad was know in the land as the Mad, Mad Pastrami King.This Prince had grown tired of traditional Bacon and always sought out the unique and unusual. One day while ascending the tower he stopped motionless midway and cloaked himself in silence while he pondered what might be a new Bacon. He said to himself...Hmm What if? In solitude he stared at the wall while his mind raced and finally like a bolt of lightning and a flash a new Bacon was born. I present you with Brown Sugar Bourbon Bacon. 

Over the years I have made so many bacons (and many posts too) and this is no different so with that I am not going to provide a ton of details here. Here is a link if you want a lot more information.....Link
Big old beef Belly aka Navel

Combine the Salt, Cure #1 and Bacon Booster in a bowl and mix well. Coat meat getting it into every nook and cranny. Bacon Booster is optional and certainly not required. check out my curing notes HERE. Bacon Booster HERE.
Cover in Brown Sugar
Place everything in the vac bag and pour in the Bourbon. Place in refrigerator for 15-21 days and flip over everyday. 
It's been about 15 days and since this one was a smaller belly that's all it needed. Going 21 days would have been fine too. It was taken out of the Vac bag and rinsed and dried. 
I poured on some more Brown Sugar Bourbon and using my hands I smeared it all over the Bacon. You can never have enough of this stuff on your Bacon. Now spread over the Navel some more brown sugar.
  I cold smoked the bacon for about 10 hrs. As summer is approaching and days are getting warmer I chose to cold smoke at 10 Pm. I used the A-Maze-N Cold Smoker which uses pellets. 
Before I started slicing the Bacon on my berkel I stuck it in the freezer for 2 hours. As we all know slicing partially frozen meat is much easier. 
Just a pretty picture
One more
Packaging the Bacon. I used 12 x 10 inch parchment paper to separate the Bacon. 3 slices to every piece of paper. If you don't do it this way they will stick together and they will be hard to separate. 

Review- The Bacon came out great. If you like Brown Sugar Bourbon this is a must try. But truth be told I still prefer my Maple Bacon recipe. My Maple Bacon Recipe is my go to for everyday Bacon. If you want to try a Bacon try the Maple version. This basic recipe and be modified. You could add bayleaf, pepper or garlic. Only limited to your imagination. 

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