Sunday, March 8, 2015

Szechwanese Bacon

In June of 2014 I experimented with Asian flavors hoping to come up with a unique beef Bacon. I named this endeavor Yin-Yang Bacon. My venture was somewhat fruitful but not awe-inspiring which lead me to this post. This is my food journal....good, bad or indifferent I am gonna blog about it. It's my goal to revisit my posts and try to improve on what I already wrote about. My Yin-Yang bacon was just OK and not mind blowing so I am here to revisit this recipe. 

I decided to call this new post Szechwanese Bacon. I love Szechuan food because it's bold & pungent and that's what I am hoping to create here with this bacon. In addition to the normal cures I am going to focus on Asian herbs, spices and more specifically Szechuan.
I am going to use the Brisket flat for the bacon but to be honest this is not my first choice. I would have preferred the Navel or the Point of the brisket but they are hard to come by.

This is an easy recipe!! Combine Salt and cure and rub thoroughly into meat getting it into every nook and cranny. 

Combine rest of ingredients and again apply to meat. Place in vacuum bag then place in refrigerator for about 2 weeks flipping every day. 

After the 14 day cure I rinsed off the meat and allowed it to dry to develop a Pellicle.
Developing a good pellicle is important because it helps the smoke adhere to the meat during the smoking process. 

I am using the A-MAZE-N cold smoker to cold smoke the bacon which uses pellets and in this application I am using Apple. The picture on right was cold smoked for 10 hours.

AMAZING!!!!! I might kick up a bit next time.  We will have to wait and see.