Thursday, March 26, 2015

Turkey Pastrami

Why another pastrami post? Well why not? I've made pastrami from just about every cut of meat out there (Kosher of course) so I thought why not Turkey? Yea, yea it's healthier but that's not why I am doing it. Simply put I am obsessed with the seasonings of pastrami. I am thinking about making Pastrami hot dogs, Salumi's, Salami's and many other combinations. 

This post will be very short. Please refer to my other Pastrami's for details. 

Start out with a large Turkey breast.

Remove wishbone and skin.
Separate breasts (1133 grams)
Combine Salt and Cure #1 apply to breasts.

Here is the recipe. Click Here for more details about how to apply %. 

Combine spices and rub them into every nook and cranny.
Vacuumed sealed. Will flip every day for 12-14 days.
14 days later all cured.
Rinsed off
Rub applied and cold smoked for 6 hours.

All vacuumed sealed and ready for Sous-Vide. I will SV for 5 hours and 30 minutes at 143 degrees. This time and temp combo will also pasteurize the breasts. 
All Sous-Vide...d
More cracked pepper added and hot smoked for a bit. Just enough to heat through and tighten bark.

OVER ALL IT CAME OUT VERY GOOD. BUT HECK IT'S TURKEY AND I PEFER BEEF. Next time I need to focus and getting it a bit more moist.