Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bresaola parte seconda ricetta!!!

So why another Bresaola? I love cured meats!! There is a science and mystery about curing meats and a love for the process.  

Think about it for a moment.  You are in complete control over what happens to a piece of muscle or for that matter sausage.  From start to finish you have the ability to transform it into something it was never intended to be. 

My Grandfather on my Dads side was Sicilian and I grew up eating a lot of cured meats.  I.E Capicola, Cacciatore, Motadella, Pancetta, Prosciutto, Salame and Sopressata.  I have not touched the stuff in 14 years for religious reasons.  Suffice it to say I did not stop eating Italian cured meats because they tasted bad, Oh contraire.  Anyhow I decided to to make my own non Treif versions so here we go again. 

In an earlier blog Bresaola using UMAI Charcuterie Bags I made my first Bresaola and the picture above shows how beautiful it turned out.  I am changing up the recipe a bit by reducing the salt levels.  Although it came out perfect I am hoping with the reduced salt I might get a beefier taste.  In a few months I will create two Bresaolas with two experimental recipes and compare them side by side.  Note: I am using  the Eye of round for my Bresaola. 

Note 1: The weight of meat plus fat is 100%. All ingredients to be added are expressed as a percentage of the weight of meat plus fat. Percentages can be used to standardize recipes regardless of batch size.  All weights are metric. 

Note 2: No weights are given because the weights of meats vary. Everything is a percentage of the meats weight after trimming. Example- Meat weight 2393 grams and we want to find out the amount of salt we need in grams- 2393 X 3.5%=83.755 or 2392/100 X 3.5 =83.755 grams. 

Eye of Round weight before trimming  7.15 lbs or 3243 grams. After trimming 5.28 lbs or 2393 grams.  Curing started on Dec 10. 2013 at 7:45 PM. I will cure for 21 days (to Dec 31).

After meat is cured I will cold smoke for 6 hours.  This is 4 more hours than last time. I will than dry the Bresalola until meat loses 30% of its weight. This translate to 1675 grams 3.686 lbs.  Last time I dried until 34% was lost. 

Mix up the spice mixture after grinding the cinnamon, clove, and juniper berries, chopping up the rosemary and crushing the black peppercorns.

  Take the mixture and really massage it into the meat. You really want to get the meat and salt nicely worked into it.  
After meat is thoroughly covered and massaged with spice mixture Vacuum seal.  

Place in refrigerator for 21 days and rotate and massage everyday.

See ya in 21 days.  Today is Dec 12, 2013.    

Dec 31, 2013...........They  say second time around is always better.  In this case we will have to see.  It has been 21 days and my Eye of Round is all done curing and now on to the next phase. 

I am spending my New Years
Eve cold smoking my Bresaola.  Last Bresaola I made was cold smoked for 2 hours; this time I chose 5 hours.  Hmmm,  this should change the the flavor profile. 

  • Eye of Round turning into Bresaola started on Dec 10 @ 7:45
  • The Bresaola weighed 2393 Grams 
  • After Cure weighed 2413 Grams 
  • I want it to lose 30% of its original weight which will be 723.9 Grams
  • Final weight to achieve 1689 Grams
  • Something new.  I tied it on the outside of bag. 

Today is Feb 9, 2014 and I have completed my second Bresaola.   

30% weight loss
Second Bresaola at a 30% weight loss
34% loss in weight
First Bresaola 34% weight loss
The Bresaola weighed 1685 and had lost just enough weight to achieve what I was looking for which was 30%.  The first Bresaola I made lost 34% of weight and after comparing them both I prefer the one with the 30% weight loss. Much better than my first one I made. If you look at the pictures to the left you can see the difference in the rings.  

The second Bresaola was awesome.  Using less salt played a big part in the exceptional taste. Smoking it an additional 3 hours made a little difference. Next I will shoot for a total of 6 hours hours cold smoke.