Saturday, June 21, 2014

Duck DeHaan

Petto d'anatra avec Abricot

I am addicted to Duck and especially when it's cured!!! I have created several posts on various cured duck creations and it's not going to stop. This is my new creation. The above title is french for Smoked Duck Breast with Apricot. I got the idea to use Apricots from a co-worker hence the additional name DeHaan

This adorable picture in the upper left corner of your screen (not) is none other than the Duck Muscovy. I love Muscovy Duck Breasts. They are wonderful for this application. A Muscovy Duck Breast has about 18% fat, the Pekin duck breast has about 29% and the Moulard is a cross between the Muscovy and the Pekin. 
By the way if the picture of the duck above bothers you too bad. I've been criticized in the past for posting pictures of what we eat but that's a personal choice I make. Most people don't know what their food looks like or where it comes from. So with my blogs I am hoping to share a little bit of insight and hopefully know how. I am not on a crusade or anything but I think we should respect the process. Oh by the way these Muscovy Duck Breasts were free range and organically raised

Thinking outside the box I decided to soaked the Duck Breast in Apricot Brandy for 24 hours.  This should really impart an Apricot flavor.
First thing you have to do is to assemble the ingredients. As you can tell from the ingredients list they are unique or at least I think so. I am using Demerara Sugar which is unrefined, golden brown and with hints of natural molasses flavor. I am also using Garam Masala for this dish too. Garam Masala was a natural addition to this dish because of what it is comprised of......hit the link to find out more. I used Dried Apricot that I chopped up but after thinking about it for a while I think this was unnecessary. 

A straight forward recipe. Weigh out the ingredients and set aside. 

I combined the Salt and cure and rubbed into every nook and cranny. I thank combined the rest and applied them on both sides. Vacuumed sealed curing. 

I am using the equilibrium salt cure technique instead of the excess salt cure version. Using this technique avoids over salting. Equilibrium curing is the Sous-Vide of curing. With a 12 day cure I am confident the cure will reach the center of the Duck Breast.

After the curing process of about 12 days I am going to use Transglutaminase Activa RM to bind the meat together. I want the Duck to look more like a cylinder and to hold its shape when rolled. the Activa when applied to the Duck will allow it to become one solid muscle. 
Transglutaminase, also called meat glue, is an enzyme that can be used to bind proteins to make uniform portions of fish filet, tenderloins, etc. that cook evenly, look good and reduce waste. Transglutaminase can also be used for creative applications in modernist cuisine such as making shrimp noodles, binding chicken skin to scallops or even making checkerboards with different types of fish.  How can you do such a thing? Simply apply some transglutaminase on each side of the protein to bind, press the sides together and let it rest refrigerated for a few hours. 

I am going to use an Apricot glaze to coat Duck during the smoking process.  

After 10 days the duck is cured to my liking. The breast will be rinsed and covered with Activa RM and rolled tightly.  

All Rolled up.  It will need a 24 hour rest for the Activa RM to bond the proteins together.

The Activa worked. One solid muscle. 

Looks great!!! The picture to right shows where the seam is and I must say I am happy with the bonding action of the Activa RM.

Apricot Brandy and Apricot preserves mixed together and slathered on for the smoking. 

I will cold smoke them for 2-3 hours than hot smoke until 145 degrees is reached internally.

Gratuitous pictures showing my work of art.The extra pictures are of my Duckstrami and Rebbes Ham.

Internal Temp 145 degrees

Final thoughts- Just Amazing and delectable! Nothing else really to add. The Apricot flavors were amazing and not over powering. The Activa Rm really made the Duck hold its shape without twine and in my book is a must for now on. 

Now for the gratuitous photographs.