Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Maple Bacon Bomb

Crown Royal Maple Bacon Bomb

Who doesn't like Crown Royal or Bacon? These are two winning combinations if you ask me!! My inspiration for this combo occurred to me while eating a BLT and sipping on Bourbon. And of course I was watching the food channel too. Anyhow, I thought, I like Bourbon, whiskey and of course I love bacon why not combine them. 

"A Marriage made in Heaven" 

I think this is a winning combination!!
Now that being said can I possibly improve on my Heavenly Bacon? Well of course I can. "To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often" Winston Churchill

I decided to use boneless short ribs for this bacon because it contains lots of fat and is readily available. I love Short Ribs. I purchased my short ribs at Costco. Costco has a pretty good selection of meat but finding the right pieces can be tricky. I remember asking one of the meat cutters for the fattiest Short Rib he had and with a puzzling look fulfilled my request. 

This is one of the simplest Bacon's I have ever made.  In previous posts My Love of Bacon  and Heavenly Bacon I went into a lot more detail about the whole process and the array of ingredients were much larger too. As you can tell the ingredients are not many but what I do have is very unique. This is a simple Maple Bacon that uses Crown Royal Maple as a main ingredient and Maple SugarWhen it is finished curing and smoking it should be the Bomb hence the name.  

All I did to make this simple bacon was to measure out the Salt and cure and rub it into every nook and cranny of the meat. I then combined the rest of the ingredients and placed in vacuumed sealed bags. 

Meat all Vacuumed sealed and awaiting a 21 day cure.  After the curing process I will cold smoke meat with Apple for 6 hours.  

All done curing and rinsed off. They are drying off to develop a Pellicle. Developing a good pellicle is important because it helps the smoke adhere to the meat during the smoking process. 

Getting ready to smoke the bacon with Apple on my Weber smokey mountain.

Just started the Apple Smoke. I am cold smoking the Bacon with Applet pellets. The ambient temperature outside was about 55 degrees. I am using the A-MAZE-N cold smoker. 

The bacon smoked for 6 1/2 hours. Notice the difference in colors. Contrast the meat from where it started until now. 

All Sliced and ready to cook.
Cooked and served.

Final thoughts. It came out great. You really taste the Crown Royal Maple. I will make this again and will not modify the recipe.